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My idea on how to win back the white working class without abandoning "identity politics". One study in schools found that calling it  "black disadvantage" instead of "white privilege" caused less hostility from white students.
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If you have ties to the fossil fuel industry then you are unqualified to head the EPA. Enough said.
WWE CEO Linda McMahon is now head of Small Business Administrations.
[[[Scott Pruitt]]] would like you to know that breathing oil and coal fumes is good for you! Anyone who says otherwise is a radical environmentalist.


My new fancharas :3 by AngieR3741


Ohio just passed a bill that bans abortion after a month and a half with NO exceptions made for rape and incest. Why is this a problem? Most women don't realize that they're pregnant until the second month after their missed period. What's worse is that the wait time in an Ohio abortion clinic is extremely long. 

So yes. The mostly-male Ohio house and senate are deciding the future of women. Kasich has ten days to either sign or veto the bill. The bill will become law if he signs it or does nothing. Congrats Ohio! You have the opportunity to become the most misogynistic state in the country!

The bill was written by an anti-LGBT and anti-abortion activist named Janet Porter who also wrote The Criminalization of Christianity: Read This Book Before It Becomes Illegal! To add insult to injury, this idea was tacked onto an anti-child abuse proposal. 

I'm afraid it might get worse from here. Indiana Republicans proposed a bill that would ban abortion entirely. You can blame the Trump effect for this.…


(((Alex Block)))
I guess for now, my sentiments will be expressed here.

Clean water by uki--uki


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thanks for favingDramaticYay!Nope I'm Out 

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i like that username u got there
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Thanks for the +fav 
Toastry Featured By Owner Nov 17, 2016  Student Digital Artist
someone's mad that trump won.
i hope you move to canada, that would truly make america great again ;)

The-Psychid Featured By Owner Nov 5, 2016   Writer
I take it you're a Democrat, too? :iconllamalaplz:
AMERICANKNIGHT1234 Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2016  New Deviant Student Artist
So you fear us good i'm glad you fear the revolution it is a glorious thing is it not to restore the fathers land to order to get rid if the regime over a hundred million of us and 80% of the military drawn together for a revolt such a glorious sight.
Newsovietera Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2016
Why do you support the FSA?
Thanks for reminding me to update my profile. Views I may have expressed in the past may not necessarily reflect my views today.
Psychicmelodies Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2016  New Deviant Hobbyist General Artist
This user has stolen some of your stuff:…
CutestSith Featured By Owner Oct 3, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Going through your old stuff you used to be very different in the past. Around 15 you seem to start getting into the SJW stuff. May ask what happened? Did someone new take over this account or did your views just change?
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